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Hi! Everyone welcome to Margret Online’s blog I’m 11 years old and I am in grade 6, at St-Lawrence school in the French immersion. I live in Canada Quebec in Candiac. I have the most unique family in the entire Universe, My mom cooks the best meals, and my dad works his hardest 24 /7. My little sister is pretty cute and is the best bear hugger if I ever did see one. I also have the best brother ever he’s 15 and is the tallest in my family. My favorite hobby is reading. I did like Harry Potter at first until I read the Famous Five, which made me wonder do I like Harry Potter or the Famous Five more? In this blog I will show you my thoughts, my assignments and wishes so… read me there!



  1. Michael Farmer

    Hello Marget. I’m Mike your Mentor for the Challenge. I would like to congratulate you on your banner – excellent. I also liked your ‘fashion’ news. I hope you enjoy the Challenge. If you want help please feel free to contact me.

    • Margret Online

      Hello Mr. Farmer!
      Thank you very much for noticing my banner not very many people do. I also want to thank you for being my mentor and posting a comment. I look forward to hearing you again. Good day.
      -Margret Online

  2. Michael Farmer

    Margret Online
    Many thanks for you comments. The next task in the Challenge is to create an Avatar. With your skills you will probably make a better Avatar than my silly magnet. It’s a magnet because I am interested in science. So why not link your Avatar to something you are interested in. There are some instructions at Have a go …better than the white and grey image.


  3. Margret Online

    Dear: Mr. Farmer,
    Have you seen my new Avatar!? It looks like I have a clone. And you were right this looks so much better than that awful grey one.
    Wishing you a pleasant afternoon.
    -Margret Online

  4. Mike Farmer

    Margret Online
    A brilliant Avatar well done…… Your teacher has explained to me why you cannot use it in the Challenge, however make sure you save it because you may be able to use it in the future. The next Challenge is to get the Challenge Logo up on your website. This means that all visitors will know that you are involved in it.
    Hope you had a good holiday.


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