Looking Back

smiley-face-thumbs-up-cartoon-KijgzoeiqWow!! I did not realize in an entire school year I could go from liking ELA, to being a great blogger. I personally think I have a really good blog and that could be just me but still. The only thing I think I regret is probably only doing the assigned blogs and not really dong the blogs. I will try to do better in high school.

All in all, I think I am much better at techy kinds of stuff like an Hour of Code and silk art. Also I think my coolest blog post was the avatar one it was totally the most fun. Continue reading


What is success? What is the key to it? Well for me its when you are a hard worker and you finish your dream or goal. Mrs. Theriault takes a different approach: “ its not that you complete your goal but what did you learn in the process.” Robby said “when you complete your goal you live your life fully. “another personne still said try not to be a man of success but rather a man of value.” I got this off a line in our cafeteria. As for the key to success well of course I’ll tell you the thing you probably heard like a bazillion times I’ll tell you one more time: you have to have a good attitude never give up and be a hard worker so    success-479568_960_720on…  now let me tell you something I think will be even better at helping you be successful. A plan. A plan will keep you organized and on track. if you are organized you are more likely to have people want to help you.

What dose success make you think of? have you ever read about it? To hear the word success what is the first thing that jumps in your head? to its people celebrating or a trophy, on a count (for me) success is that you have done or finished something. Now for reading  book I don’t literally  mean a book that says Success is… I mean a book in witch the main character or a character is successful in something and If you read some of my recent blogs you know that the Breadwinner is successful in achieving money for her family. You haven’t seen these logs yet but Ick ball is successful in freeing a few slaves. out of my mind wants to be in a spelling bee but she cant talk in the end she finds a way.

please leave your definition of success

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Over Looked

22596911889_ba930bf200_bThe earth is a grand and beautiful thing a thing that some people don’t even take a second glance at! And the earth has been around for gazillions of years way before any of us where borne. To think of all the things that we have been doing : Polluting, cutting down trees and smoking. if we  keep this up there will be nothing left for us to live on. And if there’s no earth there is no trees and if there is no trees there is no oxygen and no oxygen means we cant breath if we cant breath then human civilisation ends! So please take care! I found this picture at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quehanna_Wild_Area

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living in the shadows

Facing Off by Ken Danby-puff puff one more just one more goal and we win! We got it come on… Brinnnnngggggggg! NO!? Mercury Price was on the verge of shooting   the winning goal for his team. Price lost in confusion exhaustion and frustration skated off the rink in to the changing room. His team mates caught up to him and said “you alright MP? “

“Yes I’m ok” he lied “leave me alone!”

He slammed his stick down on the bench, Mercury only dreaded the moment he would have to face his father. The Carey Price. He swallowed hard and marched out the door alone. Imagining the disappointment drawn in to his father’s face

Before he could stop himself he was letting out “I’m sorry I let you down dad!”

To his amazement when he looked up in to his father’s face he was smiling! A nice warm comforting smile “its ok he whispered no one is perfect.”

“Ya but I bet no one else got 5 loses in a row!” The smile vanished from his father’s face. “Let’s go home.” They marched in to the car.

“I’m going to get out there and complete my goal someday”, he was slumped down at the kitchen table nibbling on a piece of croissant. “Of course you will dear” said the high pitch voice of misses Price. “Now you finish that croissant while I go clean up your petrifyingly horrendously dirty jersey.” Mercury woke with a jump “you alright MP?”

“As I’ll ever be”

“Go out there and make me proud son”. He was ready to walk out there and lower his stick as he did so he only briefly he the encouraging smile that filled the air “I am not alone.”

ken Danby, Facing off, copyright of ken Danby studios




A Way Around Canada

I f any of You non Canadian people want to come to Canada and have a look around I  suggest in July its allways really nice. I could take you to Just For Laugh’s one of the funniest shows in the world, they’re maskot is a littel green monster but hes really cute. My parents work there dureing the summer.Cleveland Botanical Garden | by Maia C

After weve all laughd our self’s    silly we can goto la cabana sucre thats where they make all the yummy mapel syrup. Oh and they let us sampel somme its great!

After that we could go down to the batanical gardens. It has the most amazing smell and the most beautiful flowers I, garentee that it is the biggest garden in Canada. there are aisles of flowers just waiting to be smelled.

As Im not sure wether this is a place symblic of Canada iput it last on the list. Its called Très Arts. And you go there and select an idem then paint it as many colors as you want. they put it in an oven then when it comes out its all shiny you collect it in a week and it looks really great.

so long  I found tis picture at https://www.flickr.com/photos/maiac/45150481/in/photostream/

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Widgets For The World

For challenge four they asked for two widgets. My teacher worked her hardest for us. So we take gratitude from her because it was easy! My two widgets sure do stand out mostly because they’re at the front of my blog .

The world map shows who has been visiting my blog and where they’re from.

The world clock shows what time it is all the way around the world  and I’m not sure how it is so useful, but hey its up there so there.